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One step from the edge I wonder…
How did I get here, I ponder.
It would be easier to leave,
And keep untested my belief.

The masses won't allow retreat,
I see their spit I feel their heat.
They are my mentors, my family and friend,
Can't believe they all came to see my end.

The test is easy; find the way,
All I see is the cliff… and grey.
They want to guide me I am sure,
And their words could help me to endure.

To give advice is why they came,
But their advice is not the same.
Some want me to use the rope,
Some suggest mere belief… and hope.

They are my teachers, should they not speak as one?
It would be easier, I would obey and done.
I'm torn
My nerves are worn.

NO! This is not the way!
I breathe deep and bring my fears at bay.
I banish the crowd; right now they don't exist.
I look down and see the mist.

I listen to my heart and feel the truth,
The path, obscured by the eyes of youth,
That no two moments are the same
This path is unique… and mine to claim.

The shouts and cries fade away,
As I form a bridge from the water's spray.
On the other side I turn around,
And was astonished what I found.

They didn't shout, they all smiled,
I'm puzzled; wasn't their advice defiled?
Slowly I see I was to find
The path that springs from my own mind.

It's the end of craft and the beginning of art,
I will be lonely… it will be hard.
But I will forge a way, exciting and new.
What an adventure! What a view!
When to listen to advice and when to forge your own way...
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November 7, 2012
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